Calculation Analysis of Maximal Design Leaks in Primary Circuit of VVR-c Reactor (IBB.10M) after Design Modernization.


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Design modernization of the research reactor VVR-C is directed on essential increase of reactor safety, including operation mode during maximal design accidents. The most significant modernization of design from thermal hydraulic point of view are: installation of hydraulic lock on the drain pipeline directly to tank of reactor facility in combination with the top position into the tank the inlet pipeline of the coolant in core. Calculations were performed based on TRAC code. International thermal hydraulic network code TRAC was designed for the safety analysis of watercooled NPP. Nodalisation scheme of the primary circuit was verified based on existing experimental data from transient mode obtained before modernization of facility. Then consequences of design modernization for a wide range of postulated initial events recommended for SAR were investigated. Calculations of shut down cooling dynamics for reactor facility at natural circulation mode at leaks in the primary circuit, resulting in presented below the fast level decreasing of a coolant into the reactor tank.

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