Experimental Sample of IVA-M Device for Monitoring of Hydrogen in Sodium Coolant.


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Experimental sample of IVA-M device for Monitoring of hydrogen in sodium is developed which includes the primary converter from the indicator IVA-1У (high vacuum block with nickel membrane and magnet pump NMD-0,0063, in addition equipped by thermostat), structurally advanced sodium block with recuperator and graduation block.
The chosen design of technological (sodium) block of IVA-M has the nominal sodium flow rate 0,1 m3/h (WILLOW – AT), much smaller dimensions and reduced approximately in 3 time transport time in sodium path of device in comparison with IVA-1У.
The experimental sample of IVA-M device is manufactured and tested on sodium loop ZU-3M.
The tests of the experimental sample of IVA-M device e have shown conformity of its characteristics to parameters stipulated by technical project on development of the device.

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