Water Cooled Reactor VVER SCP (preliminary elaboration)


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Brief review on the state of nuclear power engineering on 01.01.2013 is presented here. The
project of nuclear reactor cooled with water at supercritical pressure – VVER SCP based on operation
experience of such nuclear reactors as WWER, PWR, BWR, RBMK (more than 14000 reactor–years), long
term experience of thermoelectric stations on fossil fuel, where steam at supercritical and super–
super–critical pressures is used. Advantages of such type of reactor are listed as well as scientific and
technical problems to be solved. Preliminary estimations in accordance with INPRO approach are
made. Knowledge accumulated during last 10 years in this field allows reactor concept to be specified
and the project of experimental reactor of small power to be launched.

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