Verifcation of ABBN constants and CONSYST code in criticality calculations

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The aim of current work is verification of uptodate BNAB neutron constants library and
CONSYST code for neutron constants preparation via calculations of a set of simplified
calculation models of nuclear power systems and critical experiments from international
handbook ICSBEP.
There is the description of uptodate version of BNAB neutron constants library which
was obtained from evaluated neutron data files RUSFOND2010 and intended for perspective
fast reactor models calculations in current paper materials. The verification process is based
on calculation results comparisons for numerous benchmarkmodels of critical experiments
and simplified models of nuclear power systems – «Pruvost curves» – calculated by means
of MMKKENO code with MCNP calculation results. The comparison with experimental data
was made. Based on benchmarkexperiments with fast neutron spectra the results of testing
of neutron constants preparation method laid in uptodate version of CONSYST code with
BNAB neutron constants is given in paper. These results were obtained by means of
comparison with calculation results using BNAB crosssections prepared by TRANSX code.
Following the results of performed work a key conclusion have been made that the
methodical uncertainty caused by applying the groupwise approach is estimated as less
than ±0.2% Δk/k.

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