The influence of impurities of the first loop on the activity of sodium in bn reactors

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The purpose of this work was to analyze accuracy of calculations on various programs and activityconstants for activation products of bismuth, potassium and argon impurities in the primary circuit sodium coolant of a high power BN-type reactor .
Calculations were made on the basis of the codes MMKKENO, TRIGEX. 04, КАСКАД (KASKAD) and КАТРИН (KATRIN), using modern files libraries of evaluated data in 28 and 299 group representations: JEFF311, TENDL2011, JENDL4.0 and RUSFOND and also the group constants systemsБНАБ-93 (ABBN-93).
While calculating Po210 and Bi210m, the calculation results show great difference in case activation cross-sections have different estimations according to the libraries data. This situation with constants is urgent because the current experience of dealing with radioactive substances shows that polluted open surfaces of equipment are potential sources of internal exposure. The leading role belongs to inhalation exposure as a result of radioactive substances transition from polluted surfaces in the air of workrooms. Repairing heat exchangers, pumps and other equipment, which were in operation in the primary circuit sodium, the presence of Po210 on the surface can cause radiation exposure of personnel.
Potassium and argon in the primary circuit sodium form gas-products Ar41 and Ar39, which enter the reactor gas reactor system and workrooms. Data analysis of cross-section for these isotopes showed that there is no great discrepancy between the results.
The results obtained on activity of radioactive isotopes mentioned above with different programs MMKKENO, TRIGEX, КАСКАД and КАТРИН are within ~ 3–11%.

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