Thermohydraulical researches NPP (to the 60 anniversary of the first NPP)

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Designing, construction and successful startup in laboratory «B» (now SSC RFIPPE), in
Obninsk on June, 27th, 1954 the First NPP became turn from purely military programs to
peace use of an atomic energy. Researches of thermo hydraulics of nuclear power plants
(NPP) in IPPE have begun in 1950th years in connection with work for a reactor with lead
bismuth coolant and the fast reactors cooled by sodium. Their organizers and supervisors
of studies were A.I. Leypunsky and V.I. Subbotin then P.L. Kirillov and A.D. Efanov. The
considerable contribution in researches have M.H. Ibragimov, M.N. Ivanovsky, F.A. Kozlov,
Yu.I. Orlov, P.A. Ushakov, M.N. Arnoldov, G.P. Bogoslovskaja, V.P. Bobkov, B.N. Gabrianovich,
A.V. Zhukov, S.G. Kalaykin, Yu.D. Levchenko, N.I. Loginov, A.A. Lukjanov, P.N. Martynov,
A.N. Opanasenko, I.P. Sviridenko, A.P. Sorokin, Yu.S. Yuriev and others.
Now SSC RFIPPE is one of leaders in State corporation «Rosatom» on thermal physics
of NPP. In IPPE there are available complex of the laboratories equipped modern
experimental thermal physics base. Fundamental and the applied researches connected
with a substantiation various NPP are spent in these laboratories. Fundamental
researches are directed on development of the theory and creation of the numerical
codes verified on the basis of special experiments for reception of the detailed
description of velocity and temperature fields in any units of NPP equipment (reactor
core, reactor vessel, steam generators). Mathematical models and numerical methods
are generalized for the description and numerical modeling of monophase flows,
multiphase and multifluid systems. Applied researches and workings out are carried
out by detailed studying of physical processes for reactors conditions and directed on
search of such designs which provide optimum distributions of velocity and temperature
in a reactor core, heat exchangers and steam generators.
Results of researches are presented in monographies, in works of domestic and
foreign conferences. Their summary was thermohydrailic substantiation of NPP
with the sodium coolant agent (fast reactors BR10, BOR60, BN350, BN600, BN
800), eutectic alloy leadbismuth (atomic submarine designs 645 and 705) and
alloy sodiumpotassium (space NPP – BUK, TOPAZ). For accumulation, storage and
the analysis thermo physical data, their estimation, development of
recommendations about NPP substantiation, verification of numerical codes was
created the Center thermo physical data.
For improvement of economic and ecological characteristics, raising of NPP
safety as with water and liquid metal coolant, deeper understanding of the
regularity defining thermohydraulic, physical and chemical and mass transfer
processes is necessary. It is necessary to carry out new thermohydraulic
researches as for creation of NPP new generation, such as BN1200, CVBR100,
BREST300, BNVT, WWER1200, WWERTOI WWERSKD, space NPP with high power,
electronuclear and accelerateddrive systems, thermonuclear installations and
nonnuclear production engineering.

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