The Use of Coolants Pb and Pb-Bi in the New Technologies of Recycling Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Media


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The results of studies demonstrating promising use of heavy liquid metal Pb and Pb-Bi in the new technologies of production steam, fresh water, light oil fractions, hydrogen, synthesis gas, and other technology products. Developed and tested model samples vaporizer and water desalination with direct-contact liquid metal heat input. The test results showed the advantages the developed prototypes over direct-contact models developed in Japan. Manufactured and tested demonstration samples hydrogen generators based on the processes of electrochemical decomposition of water and oxide conversion of hydrocarbon gases in the lead coolant. Revealed that more preferable to the further development is the hydrogen generator based on electrochemical decomposition of water. Substantiated perspective of studying the processes of interaction oil products (fuel oil, bottoms, tar sands, etc.) with heavy coolant in terms of depth of refining oil and oil products.

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